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• The largest field to play in a Buckhorn Open (involved a Calcutta) how many people played?

• What was the smallest field for a Buckhorn? Who Played?

• At the pre-Buckhorn party for the largest Buckhorn tournament,
  how many lbs of meat were served?

• What was the name of the bed and breakfast near Holton, KS?

• How many guys played in the first Buckhorn Open? Who Won?

• In the inaugural Buckhorn what player did not have a nickname?

• Who is the Lone Star Buck?

• Buckhorn beer was chosen as the first prize by what individual and how many Buckhorn’s has he played in?

• At the time of the first Buckhorn Open how much did a six-pack of Buckhorn Beer cost?

• How many different courses have hosted the Buckhorn Open?

• How many Buckhorn Champions were not named Steve or Mike?
  How many were named Steve or Mike?

• Who is the first female champion?

• Who was the first Grand Marshall?

• Who were the first official beer girls? Name two.

• Where was the first playoff in Buckhorn history played? Who lost?

• In which Buckhorn was the official Buckhorn Traveling Trophy introduced?

• What was the first trophy made of?

• Who is the world’s oldest button buck?

• At the 10th anniversary, what was the only Beer given away for free?

• Of the original case of 24 beers, how many were left after the match?


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