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Big-E lookin' all buff.
Rollo, Goose and Tunes bein' e-z go.
This group looks like the INS stopped a van
loaded with crop pickers.
Guaranteed one putt...and Rollo missed.
Gentlemen, check your package.
Jimmy, Steve-O, Dirk and unidentified. Let'€™s
Drink and be somebody!
The can is cold isn'€™t it Molissa?
Nick and Hoto. Dueling putters. I think
Hoto's is a little longer...
Ed launches one...probably his 9 iron.
Mike O and the famous Frankie Ford,
comedian extraordinaire.
Whitey, got enough beer to last? Gary McG fitting the new "Green Jacket"€ on the winner.
Andy Smith putting on his green jacket being
assisted by Bitch Brother #2, Mike Welch.
Andy ALSO won a new driver. Given to him by Tunes with Zim peekin'.
Big Jeff doing his "Wild and Crazy Guy"€ dance.
Geraldine DeBedsore obviously took
the front nine from Rollo.
See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil, Don't
touch my package!
Tunes and Cox with Labatt'€™s beer sign.
Canadian, eh?
Rollo and Leo say, "€œHey, where did that one go?"
Why is Herron in purple?
Beer signs are the award for all seasons.
Is this the first tee?
Jaime Walsh and his famous
Hiwaiian Flowerdy Shirt.
Grand Marshall Rob sez: After a few of these, nobody cares what I look like.
Goose was so excited he humped Zim.
Frankie sez, "€œShirts? We don'€™t
need no stinkin' shirts".
Helleeuuw! Practicing the queen's wave.
Dorsey, check your package. Gary, laugh at it. Mike O, leave quickly.
Now, that's funny!
McFarland! It'€™s the other way!
I broke my freakin'€™ leg for THIS?!
Molissa sez: It'€™s this way!
Zim sez: "C'™mon, who wants this shit?"€
Hoto and Nick with the Buckettes. Rock on, dudes!
The crop pickers call it a day. It'€™s Miller Time!
One studly group in wife beaters.
How ‘bout them shorts!
Zim sez: "€œTake me away, please!"€
Which one"€™s the dummy, again?
Also, where is Frankie'€™s left hand...
Glienke in the sack...
One amazingly handsome group...
Beer girl having some fun.
Bitch Brother Turpin backin'€™ up the
Buckmeister O'Neill who is asking,
"You got a problem with this?"
Wheels sharing the sleeping bag...say, wasn'€™t that the girl that was sackin' with Glienke?
The Buckmasters and Grand Marshall
Lynn Jones getting ready to certify the
tournament is over and approved.
Turp and Cox looking...older?
E. and the "Shitty Putter" Award.
Cox is waiting on his prize.
THE Angry old man.
Frankie keeps the yuks rollin’.
Colonel Ainsworth and the cool-ass trophy hat.
Deb, Kathy, Zim, Tunes and O’Neill at the festivities.


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