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Highlights from the 2018 Buckhorn Open

Wow! We just completed our 39th Annual Golf Tournament. Pretty Amazing since most of us didn't figure to be around this long... Just Sayin'. Beautiful weather for the tourney except the heat. It was the hottest Buckhorn Open any of us can remember. Felt like playing next to the gates of Hell.
This year, our Grand Marshall was a special selection since he has never played in an Buckhorn Open. He has been a great friend and supporter of ours for many years as the Director of Golf at the Excelsior Springs Golf Course. Tim Jarman. To say he was surprised is a huge understatement.

We had 6 foursomes this year which was a good turnout.

The Teams

Team 1 - Steve Ainsworth, Steve Zimmerle, Deb Turpin and Ed Rea

Team 2 - Ron Daniel, John Deakings, Anthony Barecca & Alex Husbenet

Team 3 - Greg Glienke, Doug M., John C. and John C.

Team 4 - Frank Bonura, Dave Bryant, Shaun R. and Susie Q

Team 5 - Mike O., Terri Zimmerle, Paul Turpin and John F.

Team 6 - Matt Zimmerle, Lynn Jones, Linh V. Lam and Emily Welch

The WinningTeam

Team 3 - Greg Glienke, Doug M., John C. and John C.



Highlights from the 2012 Buckhorn Open


Our 33rd year in existence and one we thought we'd never see. Beautiful weather for the whole tournament, slightly windy but otherwise a great day for golf. Steve Ainsworth was named this years Grand Marshall and received a really cool ball cap emblazoned with the American Eagle from the Excelsior Springs Eagles Club. It was hand lettered with silver marker to make it the official Grand Marshall cap.

In the practice round, he presided over one of the most memorable events in Buckhorn History.
It occurred on the 11th hole when one of the participants violated the cardinal rule of Old Men and against better judgment decided to fart while leaving the green. He filled his drawers with hershey squirt and as he duck waddled to a stand of bushes to the back of the green he exclaimed, "Whoa! I just shit my pants!" Where upon Rollo filmed the event for posterity.

The individual used 4 to 8 napkins, his own underwear and socks, golf towel, hat, his partners handkerchief and a stray rabbit  to make himself presentable. He played the rest of the round barefoot and in his stylish plaid shorts albeit with minimum stainage on the back. This person received the most unique award  for "the Shittiest Round of Golf." He receive 2-pair of Iron Man Underwear to carry in his golf bag and a small toilet trophy.

The tournament was won by the team of Frank Bonura, Danita Bounds, Deb and Paul Turpin and brother Dave Bryant who came in from Houston for the tourney. Dave has fully recovered from a heart attack and double bypass surgery and we were very glad to see him.

The Teams

Team 1 - Dave Bryant, Deb & Paul Turpin, Frank
Bonura and Danita Bounds.

Team 2- John Deakins, Tim Doty, Alex Husbenet and Rollo.

Team 3 - Lynn Jones, Nate Olsen, Steve Ainsworth,
Susie O'Neill

Team 4 - Matt Zimmerle, Lihn Vi Lam, Mike O'Neill &
Steve Zimmerle.

Team 5 - Mike Cox, Ed Rea, Terry Nichols &
Terri Zimmerle

















Highlights of the Tourney


New Buckhorn Beer Labels

Since the original Buckhorn Beer is no longer being manufactured, we decided to develop a series of new labels that can be used to place on cans of the nastiest tasting, cheapest beer that can be found and therefore simulate true Buckhorn quality. This time around though, we felt it was important to follow the lead by some of the most successful brewers and offer a variety of flavors to appeal to a broader segment of potential Buckhorn Open participants. Check these out and see which beer appeals to you the most.

Also, its in the works to provide these labels on t-shirts for the 2013 Buckhorn Open.












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